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February 29, 2012 10:40 pm ET · 0 comments


I’ve been having a great week, with a good amount of traffic on the site, a lot of very nice and thoughtful comments from so many of you, and some new fans on the Facebook page. And I’ve written a few new songs!

Tomorrow, I’m visiting John Seda at Rising Sun Studios, who engineered my first recording session, to plan the production of one of my songs—things like adding some percussion, perhaps a melody line on guitar, and generally turning my track into a fuller, more polished song.

On Friday, I’m flying to California to visit my dad and sister for my Spring Break. I’m really excited to see all my family there and hopefully, I’ll be able to record a video or two! I’m having a photo shoot Sunday morning with a friend of ours who’s a really incredible photographer! I’m reaaaally excited about that!

I’m staying in California for a week; short but sweet. I can’t wait to share more news with all of you!

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