coverA Florida native, I have been surrounded by music my entire life.

My mom, who sings and plays piano, attended a special music school for 15 years. She started me on piano lessons when I was five, which I kept up with for the next three years. At the small private elementary and middle school I attended, I often sang at school assemblies.

Toward the end of eighth grade, I became fascinated with playing guitar. I took lessons for a few months, but found I learned faster on my own. In October 2010, a family friend invited me to play and sing weekly at her restaurant, Tangelo’s Grille in Gulfport, where I performed an increasing range of current and classic popular songs. In the Spring of 2011, my friends encouraged me to enter the talent show at my high school, Palm Harbor University High School. Many of my classmates auditioned, but I was lucky enough to be selected to perform.

Singing other people’s songs is great, but I felt I had something original to say musically. In February 2012, I grabbed a sheet of paper and jotted down several lines that became my first lyrics. I sat down at the piano and looked for notes and chords that would go with the words. In the next week, I finished writing the words and music for five songs.

A week later, I recorded four of them with the help of John Seda at Rising Sun Studio in Tampa.

I’m continuing to write songs and learning how to record and produce them on my own. I’m hoping to provide a steady stream of music on my website.

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